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Obama fails to review Social Security, and sends it towards oblivion. Seniors demand better treatment. Current increase is less than 1.7%. read more:

Ray Rice

Cohen’s new story headline

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old man

Old Man Take A Look At Yourself

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I’m a lot like you. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk read more:


Tech-Gap Closing

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Marilyn Pechter said she first hired Sam Steiner for a one-time need as a favor to a friend, Sam’s grandfather. “That’s the truth. But the favor ended up being all for me.” Shea has continued to

Liam Final

Golden Tuff

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Liam Neeson has had, to put it brusquely, a weird career in film. He’s been in countless classics and also some movies remembered primarily for their terribleness. But the strangest part of his career to me


Putting Valuable Skills to Work

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For more than a decade now, has been committed to bringing together employers with qualified older job seekers. We have built an audience of seasoned or experienced workers on the Web that is second to


Elder Abuse Must Stop

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Thank you for visiting the website of the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA). The NCEA is one of 27 Administration on Aging-funded Resource Centers. The NCEA is the place to turn to for up-to-date information

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The VA Nightmare Continues

May 19, 2014No Comments1706 Views

Add yet another VA facility to the deadly wait-list fraud scandal. The Daily Beast heard from a whistleblower in the Albuquerque VA organization that the same kind of wait-list fraud alleged at seven other facilities occurs

Fight Club Pardoy Final

Fight Club for Senior Citizens

May 19, 2014No Comments1607 Views

A funny parody based on a film from 1999 your adult grandchildren enjoyed. YouTube Channel:

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Seniors Fight Office Closure

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“Don’t close, Keep open”… “Don’t close, Keep open.” Those were the chants of Gadsden County protesters who were up in arms on Wednesday over a controversial issue for residents, the fight to keep open the local

Senior Citizen Fights Final

Brave Grandmother

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A would-be thief was no match for a grandmother and her broom. The elderly woman is being credited with fighting off an intruder who tried to rob her North Carolina store. Police say the suspect entered the B&C Music

National Senior Citizens Law Center Final

National Senior Citizens Law Center

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Action is needed now to alleviate the impact of poverty on the elder population. There are a number of ways NSCLC believes policymakers can act to address elder poverty and blunt its negative effect… Proposals to

Senior Citizen Final

Government Resources

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Find government resources for seniors on money, housing, health, consumer protection, and more.


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